If you would like to book a session with myself, simply email me at [email protected], making sure to give me as much information as possible so I can be more prepared for our session. I'll require your name, the date, time and length of your proposed session, and details of the session you would like.

My Covid-19 Protocol

Once you have booked in for your session, I shall ask you to TEXT me on 07548429172 two hours before your booking to confirm your appointment.  Once you have text on the day to confirm, this is when you shall receive the address of the studio.

The Studio is based in the City centre of Glasgow.

I require a deposit in order for you to book with me. Please do not take offence, it is the studios protocol, and cuts down on timewasters.

You can Pay via online bank transfer.  

All deposits are non refundable and non transferable

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